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The destination for future-made e-commerce experiences

The destination for future made e-commerce experiences

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Casual Sushi designs e-commerce from all angles. We believe the best design is born from the best strategy, and without it, neither is that great.

Who we are

This thinking infuses our strategy, ethos & operations with real meaning. We like to think of ourselves as artful sushi chefs, constructing each project with a penchant for precision and taste. It’s this caliber of expertise that separates mediocrity from excellence.

We’re a team of tenacious innovators building for tomorrow, today—and we bring unmatched experience in branding, design and tech that goes the distance.

We future-proof e-commerce experiences & digital identities, designing for innate conversion, retention & virality.

What’s on our menu?

Our services

Whether it’s sushi or strategy, nothing that’s mediocre is that good. We believe good design is a business strategy - so we’ve developed a menu that delivers.


We treat each project like an exploration, embarking into your world with open eyes and curious ears 👽. It’s this explorative discovery phase that has allowed us to make an industry name. Strategy is at the bedrock of what we do - paving the way for newly discovered insights, creative breakthroughs & goal-shattering results. That’s why at Casual Sushi, no design happens without strategy first 📋 ✍️ (there’s Fiverr for that).


Strong branding is a business strategy (not an art project) 💪. We develop strategic branding that is a feast for the senses: ensuring your brand’s digital footprint is impactful at every touchpoint. We challenge conventions and invent, or reinvent, visual identities that drive results 📈. No element is too small and no detail is too unimportant when you are building brands of the future.


It’s not just about how your website looks, it’s about how it functions, flows and feels ⚙️. Our UX designers are experts at designing websites optimized for the digital user, considering the user journey at every step of the way: from every click to every scroll 🖱️. The result is meaningful, relevant and unforgettable experiences that foster brand loyalty, build industry authority and deliver measurable results that translate to dollars 💸


Our bread and butter (or should we say seaweed and sticky rice?) 🍣. Web design is what we built our name on: designing talked-about sites that are backed by data-driven strategy. We’re always on the pulse of new tech and we’re tuned in to the future of commerce: designing future-made creative commerce experiences that make an impact 🌎.


We don’t just design ecommerce experiences, we build them, too 🏗️ 🖥️. Our development team specializes in designing custom solutions in Shopify & Webflow that move businesses forward. Whether it’s developing a back end that powers incredible results or a front end that serves users at ⚡ fast speed, we leverage technology to deliver boundary-pushing results.


From the start we embark on a discovery process that helps us know your business and your customers as well as you do 🧠. We gather impactful insights that our CRO experts utilize to define custom conversion strategies. When it comes to end-user expectations, we define KPIs and uniquely work with our capabilities to exceed user expectations ✅.

Our team

We are interconnected.
And intergalactic.

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We are 100% remote, bringing together great minds from every corner of the world to embark on an out-of-this-world journey. We may live on earth, but our heads are in the stars.

The journey has just begun.

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