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We’re Casual Sushi: a data-driven, people-first, experience-obsessed agency devoted to creating experiences that improve business + humanity.

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The diverse opinions, perspectives & experiences of our team creates a rich culture that can't be replicated.

Our secret sauce is in our diverse and distributed team

Who we are

As a people-first agency, our people are our greatest strength. We've removed barriers to finding talent with a 100% remote team - uniting global experts in every field, hailing from every part of the world: unifying cultures, perspectives, talents & timezones.

It's not just about business. We believe that by elevating the web, we're improving humanity - with joyful, frictionless experiences that help humans everywhere make better decisions.

We care about how we work just as much as the work we do

If you’re one of us, it’s time you joined us. We can’t promise space travel, but we can promise this: a mind-bending career where you’ll be challenged, rewarded and empowered on every journey.

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